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This page contains links to the latest versions of our products. Each file contains either a program executable (e.g. TOOLBOX.EXE) or help file so that you can choose which files to update. We recommend, however, that you always maintain compatible versions.

To download a new version select the file from the list and select the 'Save to disk' option. When the download is complete unzip the file and copy it to the Star-TEC installation directory, normally 'C:\Star-TEC\' 

From version 11.1 you will need to use your product password to unlock the application. If in doubt please contact Star-TEC or your authorised reseller for assistance.

Full Versions (complete installation set)

Toolbox for Cadstar

Version 14.1 (Star-TEC Toolbox.msi package)

14.1.1 Updated page layouts and minor bug fixes

Version Updates (EXE and CHM files only, can be used to patch an existing installation)

Toolbox for Cadstar 

Version 14.2.1 Executable File (toolbox.exe) in ZIP file

14.2 Bug fix to IDF Export Advanced menu to resolve text over-running dialog

Version 11.1.1 Help File (toolbox.chm) in ZIP file

New format Help file compatible with Toolbox version 7 and later. Note that this file is not compatible with earlier versions of Toolbox, but can be run stand-alone.

Discontinued Products

CircuitWorks Cadstar - IDF Interface

Note: This can only be used to update CircuitWorks translator version 5. It cannot be used to update the current version.

Version 5.1.2 Executable (cwcit.exe)

4.6.5 Addition of new feature and revised menu layout

Note that authorisation codes for versions prior to 4.5.1 will not operate with 4.6.0 or above so please contact for assistance.  Please download the full program (version 4.6.0) and re-install.

Version 7.0.1 Help File (cwcit.chm)

New format Help file compatible with CircuitWorks translator version 7. Note that this file is not compatible with earlier versions of the CircuitWorks translator, but can be run stand-alone.

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  • You must have the full product installed before attempting to update it with a new version. The download file is not sufficient to run the program. If you are updating between major releases then you may have to re-install the complete program.

  • If you don't have a copy of the Unzip utility you can download it from